Fernanda Maciel interview: from Aconcagua record to Marathon des Sables to win


On 8th April Marathon del Sables will start and we wanna talk about one of the best female competitors.

She is the first woman to run up and down the highest peak in America in under 24 hours (Aconcagua), she is a member of the North Face team and in her career she won Transgrancanaria, Ultra Trail Monte Fuji and Lavaredo Ultra Trail and found herself on the podium on some emblematic races, like Utmb. Do You Know who we are talking about? The answer is Fernanda Maciel: here the interview.

From Aconcagua’s summit to Sahara desert? How can You challenge or just run at best in so different places? 

“After many days running on the snow, cold and high altitude…  I’d like to change and enjoy different landscape and weather, it motivates me to keep training and enjoying nature!”.
You are also a nutritionist… You can explain us your favorite recover recipe?

“My favorite juice after training is: 3 pieces of melon, 3 pieces of broccoli and 500ml of coconut water. It’s diuretic and has lots of mineral salts and vitamins”.
What do you eat before, during and after an ultra?

“Depends of the country where I am but usually are fast and easy carbo before the race (white rice for example) and carbo and mineral salt during the race and after the race: protein, carbo, mineral salt and one fruit to recover also the glucose”.
How can we use food and nutrition to prevent injuries?

“We need to drink and eat well to keep the cells alive and avoid the free radicals in our organism”.
Big running volume or cross-training? What about Fernanda’s training week?

“I need a bit of everything: speed training, training with weight and long trainings to get also resistence. Usually I training 15 to 30 hours per week”.
Which are your favourite North Face shoes? And how many pair of shoes you worn out in a year?

“My favorite is Cardiac! I don’t know how many shoes!”.

You won a lot of great races in your career. Which is the one You still wanna win?

“UTMB of Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc and Marathon des Sables”.


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