Krupicka aims for Utmb


Goals, nutrition, training types… Trail running star Anton Krupicka – 2-time winner of the Leadville Trail 100,  2-time USATF Trail 50mi National Champion and course record holder and Lavaredo Ultra Trail champion – talk with us about 2016’s season. Tony is back!

You still have running shoes in the kitchen cupboard ? 🙂

“Yes. I have a small apartment and a lot of shoes”.

Which La Sportiva’s shoes you’re gonna wear this year? We tried Bushido and Mutant and we like both very much.
“It depends on the run, but I wear the Mutant most of the time and occasionally the Bushido and Helios SR”.

Which are your goals fors 2016’s season and which is the race you think you must run at least once in your life?

“In terms of racing, my most important race of the year will be UTMB in August. I would also name UTMB as a race that you must run at least once in your life”.
You think you’ll come again to Italy for a race?

“It is definitely possible, but I have a lot of things I want to do in the mountains so it is not always easy to fit everything into my schedule”.
In which race we saw the best Anton Krupicka and in which one you think you may have done a better race?

“I think one of my best races was Western States in 2010. I felt good that day and gave my best effort but in the end it just wasn’t quite enough. Most of my races could have been improved in some way, so picking just one that could’ve been better is tough”.
How do you find your balance when an important race is coming?

“In the weeks leading up to an important race I am sure to do specific training sessions that will mimic the course”.

Lot of runners are obsessed by nutrition. What about Krupicka rules in fact of food and drink?

“I don’t have any rules. As long as you are eating all kinds of food in moderation I think you will be okay”.
How do you feel after the hernia surgery and when do you think you can start running again? How much injuries influenced your career?

“I’m feeling fine after the surgery and have been running for the past couple of weeks. Injuries have influenced my career in that now I am sure to do a variety of activities – running, climbing, skiing, biking – in order to mix up the muscle patterns and hopefully stay healthy. In only run three or four days a week”.
We know that in the past you did big training volume focus on running, then you started alternate running and other activities, like biking, skimo and escalade. Have you been forced by injuries or is it a choice?

“Both. I think the injuries opened my eyes to the worth and joy of these other activities, but now even though I am healthy I continue to do these other activities simply because I find them rewarding”



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